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Why we started Apple Pie Train Your Brain

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256-bit encryption. We pride ourselves on not even storing any personal information of our users.

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Pay once and access your episodes as much as you like. Like having a book on your shelf. It’s so effective, for now and years to come.

Supporting a Cause

Revenue goes back into more research into Mental Health and Addictions and ways we can be even more effective.
When I joined I was very upset, anxious and depressed. It's great to feel life opening up again. It’s a work in progress but I feel I have worked on and been able to let of of the intensity of my life challenges and that my heart is opening a bit and life is full of a little bit of magic, once again.
Do yourself a favor, if you or a friend is addicted to any substance or alcohol, Join and I hope, the success of this amazing system works as good for you as it did for me.
Thank you! I would like to thank you for the most amazing journey in my life. Without the help and guidance of all of your videos I would not have been able to grow and have a future I deserved.